How the Human Physique Antenna Transceives Knowledgeable Energies

The bodily physique is a multi-faceted antenna system. The shapes created from the bones to the cells can radically affect our well being and state of well-being. Putting the physique in sure ritualistic postures helps us “tune-in” to sure frequencies. Likewise, the conformational form modifications that happen in our cells facilitate the supply of vitamins and the expulsion of poisons from our system.

As a graduate scholar within the 1960s, Felicitas Goodman was assigned to translate materials for Dr. Erika Bourguignon who was conducting a research on habits that occurred throughout non secular expertise, particularly trance states induced by particular physique postures. After commencement, Dr. Goodman continued the analysis and located that there have been at the very least seventy ritual physique postures that produced both delicate results or full-blown altered states of consciousness. v

Ritual physique postures usually are available in two varieties: these which are held for lengthy intervals, corresponding to yoga postures, and people which are shaped by light, fluid actions from a earlier place and held momentarily, corresponding to these present in Tai Chi. The static positions are like rabbit ears on a tv set. To get higher reception of a particular channel, they’re positioned in a sure place and left stationary. It takes at the very least fifteen minutes of silencing the physique and holding a place to enter an altered state. The extra fluid actions are akin to a radio scanner. By continuously altering the place of the antenna, a number of frequencies will be acquired both serially or concurrently.

The orientation of the antenna to the Earth airplane contributes considerably to how nicely the antenna acts as a transceiver (transmitter/receiver). The commonest kind of antenna known as a dipole as a result of it radiates from the middle level out towards every finish of the pole. Every finish carries an reverse cost. Relying on what kind of frequency they want to transceive, Ham radio operators orient their antennas both vertically, horizontally, or at a 45-degree angle. Many ritual postures utilized in prayer additionally orient the physique in these configurations. For instance, prayer within the Islamic custom requires the participant to first stand, then kneel, then bow with the top low and the hips excessive. Standing is a vertical antenna. Kneeling produces a mixed vertical and horizontal antenna. Bowing produces an angled antenna.

The human physique is a crystalline lattice that varieties a dipole antenna that radiates from the intestine space out towards the top and ft and/or out towards every hand. The top and ft carry reverse prices as do every hand. Piezo crystals, which convert electrical vitality into mechanical vitality and vice versa, are discovered within the bones, intestines, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. The physique can also be filled with liquid crystals and minerals that make up the lattice. Putting the physique in numerous positions modifications how the crystalline lattice is oriented to the Earth airplane, affecting which frequencies it transceives. Altering positions additionally impacts the size of the antenna, which is a vital parameter in frequency choice.

The situation of the soil round an antenna additionally determines how nicely it transceives. Wealthy soil amplifies the antenna’s means to radiate and will increase the vary of frequencies the antenna can obtain. Maybe because of this so many practitioners want to do their Tai Chi workout routines in a park setting. Broadcast engineers have lengthy recognized that utilizing a number of antennas in particular arrays additionally enhances the power to transceiver. Taking part in group Tai Chi or meditation circles has this identical impact.

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